Exquisite and mesmerizing, MICE Convention Center Wedding Venue was created to be the perfect solution for the needs of every bride and groom who wishes to hold an effortless luxurious wedding ceremony in the Modern Thai Style

The zone is designed and decorated according to the Feng Shui Philosophy. Surrounded by various types and sizes of flora, a compact-scale waterfall is situated as a background, leading a flowing stream towards the river. A wooden bridge providing a crossing path towards the Thai style riverside gazebo. A golden glistering replica of Wat Arun Ratchawararam is majestically standing tall close by. 

Within the area, a spacious wooden plaza by the riverside can host various morning ceremonies such as Buddhist ceremony, offerings, and blessing ceremony. The groom ́s Khan Mak, a traditional Thai parade of gifts, can be arranged at the center of a gorgeous garden. The engagement ceremony can be held in an exclusively dedicated hall. A special boat is prepared to send the bride and groom to their newly-wed house along a flowing stream. The zone is equipped with a spacious and luxurious newly-wed house as if you were in a 5-star hotel.

After-sunset wedding ceremony can be hosted both outdoor and indoor. Presentation of the bride and groom can be done as per your preference - entering the area in the traditional Thai costume through the lush greenery or walking along a rose petal path towards a large wedding hall, Saranromya. The loving, sweet, and romantic atmosphere is guaranteed in every style of wedding.Due to its spacious, refreshing, and mesmerizing venue together with fully equipped facilities - MICE Convention Center is another ideal location to host a dream wedding of every bride and groom.

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