One of A Kind Instead of The Difference is Real

Phothalai Golf Park, Asia’s number one driving range is ready to take it to the next level with the latest and the best installation of the TrackMan 4. This software is specially created to provide a new experience for golfers to round 18 holes on the driving range by simulating a virtual golf courses that allows golfers to see the direction of the golf ball being hit out realistically and feel like playing a real game. Golfers are able to pick over than 100 golf courses from around the world, including the Phothalai Innovation Golf Course that specially designed for all the golfers to enjoy.

The important part that differs from other usual golf simulators are that golfers will be able to putting the ball into the hole just like playing in the actual game. All driving range bays that are equipped with the TrackMan 4 will prove you that it does not matter what level challenge you are looking for, because the simulator will show the most accurate results on all types of settings. Even you will get the most exact feedback your swing at our outdoor driving range and use the valid feedback.

TrackMan 4 is a technology from Denmark which is genuinely recognized by world-class pros and golfers from all over the world. The machine that provides the most accurate and reliable information with sensors (Radar) to detect golf balls that fly out of every hitting while displaying on virtual images on the screen. TrackMan 4 also provides information such as Club Head Speed, Ball Speed, Back Spin, Attack of Angle, Smash Factor, Club Path etc. Which are essential information that are being used as same as world-class golfers for development usage for practice proposes.

Phothalai Golf Park is dedicated to bringing one of a kind technology to shorten the entire golf world to you through a simulator and ready to give an extraordinary experiences to all who are interested. Whether you are meeting for social interaction or doing more serious practice. This can be the best option for any sports enthusiasts. Especially nowadays, it is hard to find a positive, healthy and confidence-building activity which integrates all modern forms of technology and athletics. The golf simulators are providing the most rewarding payoff and you will want to be part of this trend. You will be surprised at the accuracy of the cutting edge technology and won’t want to leave when you see the hundreds of conditions which you can set the simulator for all levels of challenge. Do not miss out on your opportunity to be part of the most popular pastime in modern times at Phothalai Golf Park.