Private and Premium Fitness Center
PLP Fitness Center is the modern style one in the open space, clean and full of the facility for everyone in your family.

There are 5 zones you can explore.

1. Cardio Zone.
The newest model of cardio exercise that we service have is not only available for walking and running but also analyzing the distance and speed, cover streaming and playing music. You can surf the internet via an LCD touch screen, enjoy installed Elliptical and Spin Bike.

2.Machine Zone
This zone is a benefit for your arm and leg muscles like climber and string for stretching your muscles.

3.Free Weight Zone
The adjustable bench, the full set of barbell and dumbbell.

4.Yoga and Classic Aerobic Dance Room
The colorful popular fit ball with a soft shockproof floor for burning your calories and firming your body.

5.Kids Fitness and Phothalai Muay Thai Gym
Thai boxing stage is prepared by your exciting match or sweat out by exercises that are inspired by martial arts with full set of equipments such as punching bag, punch trainer, Head Guard, etc.

PLP Fitness Center focuses on every detail such as space, safe modern equipment with high standard quality. Sauna and steam room, bathroom and restroom, locker room and clean towel are available.

Let’s try the exercise on one of the best environments and get healthier together!