Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai, is the world-renowned national martial arts. Countless of Thai Boxing Gyms can be spotted in many countries - whether Asia, the US, South America, and Europe. Muay Thai is widely accepted by many foreigners and is also extensively practiced with increasing levels of dedication. 

Phothalai Muay Thai Gym is a quality indoor Muay Thai studio that has an extensive, spacious, and hygienic area with standardized, modern and complete training equipment. 

Muay Thai Training is a form of workout which was inspired by the basic Thai Boxing martial art. It can be further developed towards professional Muay Thai techniques - the martial art that combines both technical and artistic skills. Our program focuses on providing fitness advice and proper health care.  

That is why Phothalai Muay Thai Gym is suitable for various fitness goals - whether to work out, shred some sweat, weight loss, or learn the basic martial art techniques of Muay Thai at our Fitness Club.

Operation Time: 07.00 – 22.00 hrs.