Signature massage

Thai Meridian Massage

90/120 mins. 1,300/1,700 THB.

This is the massage that best combines Thai traditional massage with the science of oriental medicine massage, forming the signature massage of Phothalai. Thai Meridian Massage is very useful for relieving muscle tension as well as improving blood circulation.

The Touch of Phothalai

60/90/120 mins. 2,000/2,300/2,700 THB.

Utilizing naturally derived essential oils to the body, this massage can help relax physical and emotional tension, and relieve the stress from work and other daily activities.

Thai Touch Massage

90/120 mins. 2,700/2,900 THB.

This Thai massage applies warm organic oil from France with the touching and moving technique onto the Thai energy meridians (lines). It can improve the balance of energy and stimulate blood circulation through the body.