Thai Traditional Massage


With aspiration of Thai wisdom inheritance, Potalai Thai Traditional Massage School was founded in 2003 in Phothalai Wellness & Longevity is developing and adapting Thai traditional massage and medicine wisdom from Wat Pho’s Traditional medicine school where has been the original source for 60 years, including knowledge of Jivaka to be Phothalai own style of massage education.

This school is qualified by the department of health service support, Ministry of Public Health in high-level massage, Thai traditional massage, aromatherapy massage, spa, foot massage, etc. To pass this knowledge, the academy aims to educate the trainee on the theoretical and practical sections. After the training, the trainee will able to treat and rehabilitate the body system by pressing, rubbing, squeezing and hot pressing as Thai medical- massage. The trainee is required to learn the introduction of Anatomy for understanding body function and connection, especially circulation and nerve of all parts of organs, while fostering trainee the ethics of being a good massager.

For the session, 4 courses are available at Potalai Thai Traditional Massage School which are 150 hours Thai traditional massage, 150 hours of aromatherapy massage, 150 hours of Swedish massage, and 60 hours of foot massage. The trainee will have to pass the theoretical, practical sections and Anatomy knowledge test for efficiently uses. The passed trainee will receive a certificate of school which is certified by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health. This means they can apply this knowledge for a position in Thai and foreign massage and spa business.
Potalai Thai Traditional Massage School has trained thousands of trainees and provided an opportunity for them to make a living as qualified massagers.

With our mission, we aim to continue being the best academic of Thai traditional massage.