Phothalai Wellness & Longevity is a place for relaxation, Thai wisdom and culture. Here, your five senses which are the sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste will be awaken with amazing Traditional Thai treatments.

Passing, developing and enhancing Traditional Thai massage from Wat Pho are the mission of Tangtrongchit’s heir. Their determination has been passed into Photalai’s treatment by trained operators.

This place is designed delicately exquisite,vibrant and surrounding with nature. Thai central region traditional house with Traditional Thai style roof, elongated eaves, tile floor from cached king's elephant area of ancient Ayutthaya and wall craved Thai hermit style of posture. These decorations are telling the story of a Traditional Thai massage.

Spa and Massage area on the 1 st and 2 nd floors. Each room is named of Thai flowers such as Puang Malai, Gudan,, Dok Bua (Lotus), Kruai Cheang (Thai style flower bouquet), etc.

These are facilities you can see at Phothalai Wellness & Longevity as we would like to present to you a new Thai massage experience which can help you relax, stimulate the blood flow, help you concentrate, balance your body’s system and breathing in private and peaceful environment.

All of these treatments serve here are Thai elixir for long happy life.

Signature Massage

Thai Meridian Massage
This is the massage that best combines Thai traditional massage with the science of oriental medicine massage, forming the signature massage of Phothalai. Thai Meridian Massage is very useful for relieving muscle tension as well as improving blood circulation.

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