Wellness & Longevity
Kleaw Kanok

Wellness & Longevity
Fantastic Meeting & Events

This is a private, beautiful and peaceful space for the seminar, meeting, and party where is located in the Wellness & Longevity Zone.

The statue of Jīvaka, the personal physician of the Buddha, is located in front of the building for paying homage. You can ask the staff for more information.

This zone has just 3 conference rooms, from small to medium, which is Kleaw Kanok, Mirror and Mali. Even though there is no much room here, but it can support meetings, seminars, workshops and small parties with vibrant environments and various facilities.

Kleaw Kanok is a fitting space with wooden furniture, ceiling, door and shelf with 20 – 56 maximum guests’ capacity which is suitable for Theater, Classroom and Banquet meeting.

Mirror is the multi-purpose conference room with the glass mirror window, so this room is vibrant and good for a meeting, seminar and various activities.

Mali, or Jasmine in Thai, used to be the restaurant but it is renovated to be the contemporary reference room. This room is suitable for a banquet or cocktail meetings since its maximum capacity guests is up to 100 people.

Fantastic Meeting & Events zone of Wellness & Longevity is full of facilities, multiple functions exclusive service, and a vibrant environment.

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