Mice Convention Center

An Exceptional Experience Every Time

The unique design and decoration for your meeting, seminar, training, and event - MICE Convention Center Zone combines both Thai and international characteristics harmoniously.

Large teak-wood gate, exquisitely engraved with the traditional pattern of Thai flora, reflects the one-of-a-kind Thai culture and is the first gate that welcomes our guests. Fine mist flows from the level fountain situated at the center of the premise - The Center Pond. The 15-meter LCD screen, displaying live meeting, seminar, or wedding, is the prominence of the premise that elevates the vibrancy and vitality of your event.

6 event halls are available. Saranromya, the largest grand ballroom with a capacity to accommodate over 800 guests. Bannabhiromya, the second largest room with a capacity to accommodate over 300 guests. Dhararomya, Dhiraromya, Vanaromya, and Dararomya are differed in size, respectively.

Each hall has a similar design concept, using earth-tone shades. Brown, beige, and white are the primary colors, reflecting warmth and friendliness. The halls are breezy and spacious with a high ceiling and decorated with mesmerizing crystal chandeliers. Spaces between each glass panel add brightness and reduce stale air, filling your meeting, seminar, or training atmosphere with vibrancy while enhancing creativity.

At the same time, all halls are fully equipped with the necessary equipment - light, visual, and audio systems, innovative technology, projector, as well as Wi-Fi and other facilities that will make your event flawless.

MICE Convention Center is the most suitable choice for your meeting, seminar, and event due to its spacious location and the overall capacity of 1,000 - 1,500 guests. Different forms of space distribution within the zone also allows the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor areas - providing various uses of the area as per your personalized needs.