Golf Park Building

Golf Park Building
Events with Elegance

Another highlighted area for hosting conferences, seminars, and the party is the Golf Park Building Zone which is connected to our driving range.

The overall decorative architecture of this zone is the European Style, surrounded by various floras of different sizes. The 7-layer waterfall stands tall as the center of our flowing river towards the split-level pool. Also, the decoration nearby is the Corinthian Columns, adding the classic atmosphere. The garden is laid with artificial grass along with colorful bushes and bouquets.

9 conference halls of a small, medium and large scales are available at your service - including Basilica, Cortile, Taverna, IL Giardino, Hole In One, Chill & Out, and Round Room, 301 Room and 302 Room.

Exclusively, the highlighted hall, suitable for hosting various events, is the Basilica due to its proximity to the garden and waterfall. Decorated by stained glasses providing a magnificent church vibe, the room is made of clear glass walls that enable the guests to indulge and be close to the mesmerizing nature. The hall can serve various types of events - conference, seminar, party, or wedding ceremony. The capacity is over 1,000 guests.

If you are looking for a similar vibe and atmosphere but with a capacity for fewer guests, the Cortile perfectly suits your smaller-scale event. A polygon-shaped glass hall of the executive level, the room can accommodate over 100 guests with elegant and captivating decoration. Taverna also offers the same with its picturesque landscape, allowing you to be part of the trees, waterfall, and flowing river of our European Style garden.

Apart from these artistic touches that make the area and atmosphere remarkable, all halls within the Golf Park Building Zone are also fully equipped with luxurious facilities at your service.

IL Giardino12075120200
Hole in One1008180200
Chill & Out1006380/60200
Round Room189144120250
Room 30170454050
Room 30240362730