Petit Corner Cafe & More

Welcoming all visitors to experience the vibe and flavor of its unique coffee.
With the European Style decoration, the cafe is commodious and breezy. The
all-rounded clear glass walls provide the lush green and hearty scenery of our
golf driving range. Decorated with Minimalism Philosophy, the interior is
adorned with white marble tiles, providing an effortless luxury, along with
hand-picked wooden furniture. Tall stools are placed in the center of the cafe,
surrounded by low-rise coffee table sets. Each coffee table is decorated with a
crystal vase of fresh bouquet to enhance vibrancy and relaxation. Internet is also
available at your service.

The cafe serves a variety of tea, coffee, and juice menus. Especially, the
signature beverage, a perfect blend between tonic water and coffee
, will
definitely give you a new vibe and sensation with its subtle mix of sweet, acidic,
and frizzy flavor. To accompany your beverage, snacks and desserts are also
available - such as cakes and aromatic homemade bakery freshly made each

Petit Corner Cafe & More is another meeting point, whether it is with friends
or for a casual business talk. The cafe can accommodate 20 - 30 guests, with an
additional 5 - 6 outdoor coffee sets for you to pleasantly enjoy the scenery of
our garden and close by golf driving range.



Open daily 09.00 - 20.00 hrs.


Smart Casual


1st floor, Golf Park Building


Cake&Bakery, Tea, Coffee, and Smoothie