Birdie & Courtyard

This restaurant pleases you with an industrial loft style in 3 main colors, i.e.
grey, black and brown. The beautiful modern architecture and structure with
high ceiling, metal pipe, wire and vent to be seen. Moreover, it’s decorated with
brick wall and dried vine. There are 2 floors in this building, the first one is the
main restaurant for 70 – 80 guests, the 2 nd floor is the conference room for 30 –
50 guests and the outdoor area for more than 100 guests.

There is a metal structure like an arch in front of and both sides of the building,
so you can see the wonderful view of the waterfall, pond, tree, and flowers. The
counter bar is in the middle under 4 -5 black nest lamps among stainless chairs
and wooden furniture.

Our international restaurant serves various menus such as fresh European pasta
and pizza, spicy fusion Thai dishes, Japanese sushi and premium sashimi
restaurant pairing with wine, classic cocktail, mocktail and smoothies

Birdie & Courtyard is good for private lunch in the natural environment or
hanging out with friends at night is also sounds interesting.



Serve every day for lunch and dinner 12.00 - 22.00 hrs.


Smart Casual


1st floor, Golf Park Building


International Flavors and Various Beverages